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New Immunization Information

Beginning August 1, 2015, all students entering 12th grade will be required to have a booster dose of MENINGOCOCCAL vaccine given on or after their 16th birthday. Students...


National Merit Finalists

Please help us congratulate the following 5 students who have been nominated as National Merit Finalists based on their 2013 PSAT performance.  Each student has...


Quarter 2 Report Cards

Our 2nd Quarter Report Cards have been mailed home this past week.  For information on understanding the report card click here.  For more information or to contact...


To be eligible for admission to Classical High School a student must be a verified resident of the City of Providence. All additional information for admission is detailed below.

2014 Testing Information

Cohort A

  • Students: All Providence Public School Students + Paul Cuffee School + Times 2 Academy
  • Date and Time: Saturday October 18 from 8:15-12:45
  • What to Bring: Students should be well rested, bring a drink and a snack and (2) #2 pencils

Cohort B

  • Students: All Private + Parochial School Students + Nathanael Greene
  • Date and Time: Saturday October 25 from 8:15-12:45
  • What to Bring: Students should be well rested, bring a drink and a snack and (2) #2 pencils

Students should be dropped off on the Westminster Street side of the school no later than 8:15 a.m.   For students who cannot participate in the admissions testing on a Saturday due to religious observances, their testing day will be Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. Please notify your child’s school by October 3, 2014.



The Classical High School admissions process is clearly defined in Providence School Department policy. To ensure equal educational opportunities, Classical High School continues to engage in a viable recruitment program to attract culturally diverse populations that reflect the demographics of the city. Each year approximately one thousand students apply for admissions to Classical High School. Of these candidates, only about three hundred are eventually accepted. Acceptance to Classical High School is determined by an Admissions Committee which reviews the student profile of each prospective student. The composition of the Admissions Committee includes the following:

1) CHS Assistant Principal in Charge of Admissions
2) Representative from Central Administration Designated by the Superintendent
3) Representative from the Equity and Access Office
4) Classical High School Faculty Member
5) Director of Guidance
6) 2 Parents
7) Student Representative from the Classical Senior Class

The Admissions Committee will independently evaluate each profile without knowledge of census/residency data and select candidates that seem most likely to succeed at Classical High School. Notice of acceptance/rejection will be sent to homes and sending schools sometime in January.

If a student receives two “D”s or a failing grade (“E” or “F”) after being accepted to Classical High school, the student’s records will be reviewed by the sending school’s and Classical’s Principals who will recommend a course of actions, including the possible rescinding of acceptance.

Appeals of the Admissions Committee decision are made by the sending school Principal and subsequent appeals may be filed with the Deputy Superintendent and the Superintendent, in that order.

  • Incoming Grade 9 Students

Contact: Ms. Beth Battey, Assistant Principal (401) 456-9145

Students wishing to attend Classical High School in the 9th grade should begin the admissions process by contacting their guidance counselor. Classical High School deals directly with the sending middle school. An application will be sent to the student’s middle school guidance counselor where it will be completed and returned to Classical High School. The complete application package for incoming 9th grade students includes:

1) Recommendation of the Sending School
2) 7th Grade Transcripts
3) Standardized Test Scores
4) Attendance Data
5) Identification, Residency Affidavit, and Census Data

Eighth (8th) grade students must also take the High School Placement Exam in order to be considered for 9th grade admission. The placement exam is conducted at Classical High School in October. The date and time of the exam is announced in The Providence Journal Bulletin approximately two weeks before the exam date. Tests are given in May or August for new arrivals to the City of Providence. Testing is for City of Providence residents only and a residency affidavit must be filled out upon acceptance. The placement exam consists of two tests:

1)The High School Placement Test, which measures academic abilities in the areas of reading, mathematics, written English, vocabulary, grammar, and cognition.
2) The Naglieri Test of Non-Verbal Skills, which measures the cognitive abilities of all students with no focus on language ability.

After placement tests are scored, the results are added to the student’s admissions package. The completed student profile is sent to the Admissions Committee for review. In addition to the information included in the profile, the Admissions Committee also considers an identification of the student’s personal interests and educational activities (e.g. Summerbridge, other academic enrichment programs offered through middle schools)

  • Transfer Students in Grades 10, 11 and 12

Contact: Mr. Louis Toro, Guidance Department Head (401) 456-9147

Students wishing to transfer to Classical High School in grades, 10, 11, or 12 have the opportunity to do so in the spring of their current grade. Students or parents should contact Mr. Toro who will then register the student and present his/her admissions package to the Admissions Committee. The admissions package for transfer students should include copies of the following:

1) Student’s Current Report Card
2) Standardized Test Scores (from Grade 8 through the present)
3) Transcripts (from Grade 8 through the present)

  • Appeal of the Admission Committee’s Decision Process
  1. Parents wishing to appeal the committee’s decision must first contact their current school’s guidance department or principal who will determine if an appeal letter will be drafted on the student’s behalf.
  2. The principal from the school of the student who is appealing the committee’s decision will then send the principal of Classical High School a letter of appeal discussing the student’s improved academic record for the current school year.
  3. The middle school will send additional data to the committee as part of the appeal review.  This will include:
    • Course grades for the current school year.  Grades should be at least from the first three quarters or first two trimesters.
    • Additional standardized testing from the current school year.  This includes NECAP scores and STAR Math and Reading Annual Progress Reports. 
    • For public schools, Appeals should be sent after the third STAR assessment has been completed in April and all three results (showing growth) for the year should be sent with the grades and letter.
  4. Based on this information, a final decision from the Admission’s Committee will be made and communicated to each family.

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