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New Immunization Information

Beginning August 1, 2015, all students entering 12th grade will be required to have a booster dose of MENINGOCOCCAL vaccine given on or after their 16th birthday. Students...


National Merit Finalists

Please help us congratulate the following 5 students who have been nominated as National Merit Finalists based on their 2013 PSAT performance.  Each student has...


Quarter 2 Report Cards

Our 2nd Quarter Report Cards have been mailed home this past week.  For information on understanding the report card click here.  For more information or to contact...




Scott Barr: scott.barr@ppsd.org

Assistant Principals

Beth Ann Battey: beth.battey@ppsd.org

Brian Baldizar: brian.baldizar@ppsd.org

Main Office Staff

Alice Cafaro: alice.cafaro@ppsd.org

Abigail Deschamps: abigail.deschamps@ppsd.org

Ebony Norman: ebony.norman@ppsd.org

LuAnn Palazzo: luann.palazzo@ppsd.org

Rebecca Tetreault: rebecca.tetreault@ppsd.org

The Main Office: Call (401) 456-9145



Melissa Polak: melissa.polak@ppsd.org

The Nurse: Call (401) 456-9149



Niki Best: niki.best@ppsd.org




Richard Larkin: richard.larkin@ppsd.org

Jonathan Ryder: jonathan.ryder@ppsd.org

Circulation Desk

Jannean Norman: jannean.norman@ppsd.org




Geraldine Amato-Youlden: geraldine.amato-youlden@ppsd.org

Donna Petronelli: donna.petronelli@ppsd.org

Maureen Sheehan: maureen.sheehan@ppsd.org

Julie Simeone: giulia.simeone@ppsd.org

Lou Toro [DTL]: louis.toro@ppsd.org

Guidance Office Staff

Linda Gabriel: linda.gabriel@ppsd.org

Joanne Navilliat: joanne.navilliat@ppsd.org



DTL = Department Team-Leader



Trudy Carman: trudy.carman@ppsd.org

Kerry Etienne: kerry.etienne@ppsd.org


English & Language Arts

Ellen Anderson [DTL]: ellen.anderson@ppsd.org; Website

Michael Colannino: michael.colannino@ppsd.org

Kathleen Flynn: kathleen.flynn@ppsd.org; Website

Andrea Goff: andrea.goff@ppsd.org; Website

Brian Gould: brian.gould@ppsd.org; Website

Christopher Kite: christopher.kite@ppsd.org; World Literature Website or AP Language Website 

Debora Smith-Klus: deborah.klus@ppsd.org; Website

Francesca Leclerc: francesca.leclerc@ppsd.org

Olwyn McCabe: olwyn.mccabe@ppsd.org; Website

Melissa Parkerson: melissa.parkerson@ppsd.orgWebsite

Christina Toro: christina.toro@ppsd.org; Website

Maria Vican: maria.vican@ppsd.org; Website


Foreign Languages

Luis Astudillo: luis.astudillo@ppsd.org

Ellen Conroy [DTL]: ellen.conroy@ppsd.org

Edward deBoo: edward.deboo@ppsd.orgWebsite

Michael Hebert: michael.hebert@ppsd.orgWebsite

James Lyman: james.lyman@ppsd.org

Ana Mendiburu: ana.mendiburu@ppsd.org

Mikiko Morimura: mikiko.morimura@ppsd.orgWebsite

Clarence Thomas: clarence.thomas@ppsd.org

Jennifer Zhukavets: jenny.zhukavets@ppsd.org; Website


Health & Physical Education

Ryan Cafferty: ryan.cafferty@ppsd.org

Steven Cohen: steven.cohen@ppsd.org

Michael Green: michael.green@ppsd.org

Steven Jackson: steven.jackson@ppsd.org

Christopher O’Connell: christopher.oconnell@ppsd.org

Robert Palazzo, Athletic Director [DTL]: robert.palazzo@ppsd.org



Mohammed Awwad: mohammad.awwad@ppsd.org

Paula Caron: paula.caron@ppsd.org

Frances Cola: frances.cola@ppsd.org

Barbara Creati: barbara.creati@ppsd.org

Randall Dugan: randall.dugan@ppsd.org

Christine Dunbar [DTL]: christine.dunbar@ppsd.org

Marie Feragne: marie.feragne@ppsd.org

Karen Hickey: karen.hickey@ppsd.org

Ellen Holm: ellen.holm@ppsd.org

Charlene Rocchio: Charlene.Rocchio@ppsd.org; Website

Eric White: eric.white@ppsd.org; Website



Barry Lial: barry.lial@ppsd.org



Dina Arias: dina.arias@ppsd.org; Website

Aja Butler: aja.butler@ppsd.orgWebsite

Christina DiBiasio: Christina.DiBiasio@ppsd.org; Website

Oluwatomi Falaye: oluwatomi.falaye@ppsd.org

Sharon Kozlowski: sharon.kozlowski@ppsd.orgWebsite

Scott MacBeth: scott.macbeth@ppsd.org; Website

Gregory Mailloux: gregory.mailloux@ppsd,orgWebsite

Nolberto Pena: nolberto.pena@ppsd.org

Richard Santurri: richard.santurri@ppsd.org; Website

Lesley Shapiro: lesley.shapiro@ppsd.orgWebsite

David Zoglio [DTL]: david.zoglio@ppsd.orgWebsite


Social Studies

John Alexion: john.alexion@ppsd.org

Joe Caccia: joseph.caccia@ppsd.org; Website

Edward DiRissio: Edward.dirissio@ppsd.orgWebsite

Alan Golde: alan.golde@ppsd.org

Bradford Macksoud: Bradford.macksoud@ppsd.org

Seihak Pond-Mao: seihak.mao@ppsd.org; Website

Gina Ranucci: gina.ranucci@ppsd.org

Arthur Rustigian [DTL]: arthur.rustigian@ppsd.org

Kenneth Sullo: kenneth.sullo@ppsd.org


Special Education

Sue Monti – susan.monti@ppsd.org

Teacher Aides

Katherine Bullock: katherine.bullock@ppsd.org

Ingrid Morales: ingrid.morales@ppsd.org

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Welcome Class of 2019

Please help us welcome the class of 2019, who will be visiting the school with their families on February 26th from 6-8:30 pm. The evening will include a welcome...

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5:30 CHSCA Meeting March 10, 2015 Before the Talent Show

This meeting will be held in the library at 5:30, before the Talent Show scheduled to start at 6:00pm.


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